2018’s Most-Discussed Posts on IM

2018’s Most-Discussed Posts on IM We have had another year of interesting and, I hope, edifying conversation here at Internet Monk. That has certainly been our goal, and I hope that I and the rest of our writers have primed the pump well. It is always our desire, first of all, to be growing people.Continue reading “2018’s Most-Discussed Posts on IM”

Another Look: Epiphany and the Days to Come

No one has ever seen God. But the unique One, who is himself God, is near to the Father’s heart. He has revealed God to us. (John 1:18, NLT) • • • Kathrin Burleson’s painting, which accompanies today’s post, portrays three revelatory events traditionally associated with the Feast of Epiphany, which the church marks tomorrow.Continue reading “Another Look: Epiphany and the Days to Come”

Some Favorite Photos from 2017

Some Favorite Photos from 2017 Before I introduce this year’s favorite pictures, let me say that I am looking forward to reading a book I received as a gift for Christmas. It’s called Eyes of the Heart: Photography as a Christian Contemplative Practice, by Christine Valters Paintner. Perhaps some of our readers who enjoy photographyContinue reading “Some Favorite Photos from 2017”

Jeff Dunn: My Best Books of 2017

My Best Books of 2017 I know that you have been waiting patiently to know what I consider the best books I read in 2017. I know that your fingers are itching to put these titles in your Amazon shopping cart and push “Checkout” so you can receive them in two days and begin toContinue reading “Jeff Dunn: My Best Books of 2017”

Annual Review: Most-Discussed IM Posts of 2016

Annual Review Most-Discussed Internet Monk Posts of 2016 2016 was another good year, in my view, for our blog and the discussion community that reads and comments each day. Before we go month by month through the posts that you find most discussable, I want to thank all of you for supporting our work. IContinue reading “Annual Review: Most-Discussed IM Posts of 2016”

Annual Review: A renewed commitment to resistance

Annual Review 2016 A renewed commitment to resistance 2016 may prove to be either a short blip of craziness in the annals of history or the beginning of a prolonged period of craziness (God help us). Whichever it turns out to be, “crazy” is the operable word, especially when we consider the jaw-dropping political transformations that marked theContinue reading “Annual Review: A renewed commitment to resistance”

2016 Annual Review: My Favorite Album of the Year

2016 Annual Review My Favorite Album of the Year In addition to my choice for my favorite album of 2016, there are three others that deserve special mention. Let’s talk about these wonderful recordings before I gush all over my top pick. • • • William Bell, This Is Where I Live For years I have longedContinue reading “2016 Annual Review: My Favorite Album of the Year”

Annual Review: Pictures from 2016 + A Chance to Vote!

Annual Review Pictures from 2016 2016 was a fun year for me taking pictures. After using my Canon in the early part of the year I got a new camera for my birthday — an Olympus Pen-F. That provided renewed motivation, and I found lots of opportunities to take pictures around Indiana — especially through aContinue reading “Annual Review: Pictures from 2016 + A Chance to Vote!”