Dispatch from the Bernese-Oberland: October 2, 2019

CM at Birg Overlook above Mürren, Switzerland

Dispatch from the Bernese-Oberland: October 2, 2019

I hadn’t anticipated crying. But when our small train pulled out and headed toward Mürren, the stupefying vista that opened up in front of us literally took my breath so that I could not speak. The tears welled up and I was rendered incapable of expression. We had reached the high Alps.

Awe is a precious commodity in our day. It’s a shame that one must climb to the top of the world to recapture what used to be the more common experience of human beings as they lived under the heavens, surrounded by enchanted nature, imagining gods that hurled lightning bolts and spoke in thunder. Or even felt something bigger than themselves in the light of stained glass windows.

Yet here we are. Privileged to be breathing this rare air.

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12 thoughts on “Dispatch from the Bernese-Oberland: October 2, 2019

  1. I had the privilege to visit that beautiful area around Mürren long ago, while still in school…awe-inspiring even to the young, and the love of mountains has overtaken my love of the ocean.. For those who don’t think they’ll ever make it across the pond, Estes Park CO and Banff, Alberta are worth a visit.


  2. Not visiting L’Abri at Huemoz? Friends who worked there a long time spoke of the majesty of the mountains, which Schaeffer spent a lot of time walking in.


  3. You’re closer to those storied mountains than I got to be, but even viewing them from afar on a bus awoke wonder in me – to actually be in that place with all its beauty and history!!!

    I know you & Gail are enjoying every minute. Blessings-



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