Dispatch — Homeward Bound: October 13, 2019

Dispatch — Homeward Bound: October 13, 2019 I am not one of those Christians who feels skittish about using the words “lucky” or “fortunate.” Some people I know feel compelled to say they are “blessed” when something good happens in their lives, and that’s okay I guess. However, it tends to raise questions of theodicyContinue reading “Dispatch — Homeward Bound: October 13, 2019”

Dispatch from the Bernese-Oberland: October 2, 2019

Dispatch from the Bernese-Oberland: October 2, 2019 I hadn’t anticipated crying. But when our small train pulled out and headed toward Mürren, the stupefying vista that opened up in front of us literally took my breath so that I could not speak. The tears welled up and I was rendered incapable of expression. We hadContinue reading “Dispatch from the Bernese-Oberland: October 2, 2019”

Dispatch from Lausanne: September 29, 2019

Dispatch from Lausanne: September 29, 2019 UPDATE: Some pics from Christ Church, Lausanne. • We have been almost a week in Europe; a couple of days in Zurich and then down to Lausanne on Lake Geneva (Lac Lemon). Here are a few notes on churches we’ve seen and will attend. As a Christian who practicesContinue reading “Dispatch from Lausanne: September 29, 2019”