each time love comes

Abraham welcoming the three angels. Boruch Nachson

oak shade, midday
three men appear at our tent
something striking
i wonder about their intent

rising, moving
i run to greet them and bow
please don’t pass by
stay and refresh yourselves now

serve them, watch them
what is it in them i see?
all so curious
something portentous for me?

shocking words come
my eyes grow wide at the news
somewhere laughter
utterly stunned and bemused

each time love comes
calling my soul to receive
gifts from strangers
i find it hard to believe

head shake, snicker
i dismiss right from the start
love’s potential
to find a place in my heart

hiding, doubting
i dash my hopes to the ground
all too wonderful
can true laughter be found?

2 thoughts on “each time love comes

  1. This is not related to today’s post, but I want to thank you, CM, for the sidebar “Is it Faithful to Flee an Epidemic?” — it’s just what I needed to hear this morning. Not that I’m considering fleeing any illness or plague that might occur, or coronavirus if it should strike our region, but I was feeling despondent and fearful over my wife’s struggle with two health issues (flu and shingles) currently. Luther’s encouraging and brave attitude toward plague in his own time, and his reminder that the Christian is doing exactly what a Christian is meant to do when caring for the ill, is a dose of needed medicine for my spirit. Thank you.


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