The Daughters and Dad

The Daughters and Dad I participated in services this weekend for a family that I have known almost ten years now. Our relationship began when I served as hospice chaplain for a woman who lived at home with her second husband. For some reason, we made a strong connection, and I visited often. I recallContinue reading “The Daughters and Dad”

“I just wanted to add a measure of grace to the world.”

In the play The Man of La Mancha Don Quixote said on his deathbed, “I just wanted to add a measure of grace to the world.” I can’t think of a better goal in life — or a better goal for today. Just to add a bit more grace to the world. We add graceContinue reading ““I just wanted to add a measure of grace to the world.””

CM: each time love comes

oak shade, midday three men appear at our tent something striking i wonder about their intent rising, moving i run to greet them and bow please don’t pass by stay and refresh yourselves now serve them, watch them what is it in them i see? all so curious something portentous for me? shocking words comeContinue reading “CM: each time love comes”

“Nothing can make us more blind to the Holy Spirit than the ordinary”

Each week during the winter months and until Easter, I preach to a little country congregation. The congregation is over 180 years old, the building 150. Like many small, rural churches, our pews are populated by members in the second half of life. We have a few children, fewer teens, a couple of college studentsContinue reading ““Nothing can make us more blind to the Holy Spirit than the ordinary””

Some friends I’d like you to meet

Last week I attended the death of a man who had been a police officer and then an investigator for a major corporation. Sometimes he was asked by the company’s HR department to deal with employees who were being dismissed. He would go to that person’s desk or office, watch as they cleaned it out, and thenContinue reading “Some friends I’d like you to meet”

More on “Playing the Music”

Picking up on yesterday’s post, here few more thoughts on “playing the music”… • • • Last night we went to a spring intermediate school band and choral concert (5th and 6th grade). My grandson was playing and we knew several other children and families who were involved. I have four children and have been to manyContinue reading “More on “Playing the Music””

The Most Significant Moment In My Spiritual Journey

Yup, that’s me. The summer of 1981. The photos were taken on the front lawn of my house in Peterborough, Ontario. I think more than a few laws were broken to take the picture on the left! The pictures represent the culmination of a story, a story of how I ultimately came to trust God.Continue reading “The Most Significant Moment In My Spiritual Journey”

Difficult Scripture – Why Did Jesus Stop Reading When He Did?

Over the past several Fridays we have been looking at extracts from Michael Spencer’s upcoming book, Reconsider Jesus – A Fresh Look at Jesus from the Gospel of Mark. In our extract a few weeks back Michael Spencer wrote: The good news is about God and what God is doing. It is not about me.Continue reading “Difficult Scripture – Why Did Jesus Stop Reading When He Did?”