A Lite Brunch: May 2, 2020

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Perhaps we all need a bit of respite from the heaviness of this pandemic. Enjoy a laugh and perhaps shed a tear of gratitude or two  on us today.

Dedicated to all those working in virtual spaces these days…

Dedicated to all those pacing the cage at home (language alert)…

Dedicated to all those faithfully socially distancing and staying “out of touch”…

Dedicated to families finding creative things to do together…

A family from Kent who shared a video of their living room performance of a lockdown-themed adaptation of a Les Misérables song have become a sensation online. Ben and Danielle Marsh and their four children changed the lyrics of “One Day More” to reflect common complaints during the Covid-19 lockdown. They say the video, which has gone viral, was intended to give friends and family a laugh during this stressful time

Finally, let’s join a parade of thanks to all on the front lines, sacrificing and serving…

This is a “Thank You” parade that was held by the City of Lawrence (Indianapolis) for healthcare workers at one of the Community hospitals in the network in which I work.

18 thoughts on “A Lite Brunch: May 2, 2020

  1. Bravo. Thanks for sharing these, CM. Much needed. A few comments:

    -Yesterday – fun to pick out the “Brit” words.
    -Conference Call in Real Life – very clever and funny.
    -“Hello (from the Inside)” – hilarious spoofing of the dramatic elements.


  2. Thank you Robert, I shall retire for the night thinking of your comments.
    Peace be yours.


  3. These are all great, but my inner nerd really hopes Weird Al Yankovich is working on something as well.


  4. Of course with everyone these days working from home we are entertained not just by barking dogs but by babies run amok, teenage love quarrels, snoring, cooking recipes, singing, etc.

    Don’t forget telemarketer robocalls.


  5. That conference call video is perfect. We have folks spread all over creation anyway so I’m no stranger to the conference call, but these days of course every meeting is a conference call. We use SKYPE for our online conferencing and when you get past a certain number of attendees SKYPE becomes, well, squirrelly. As a consequence we are frequently provided an audio call in number as well as the video SKYPE link. Unfortunately our audio line software (JABBER, no kidding!) ) is not compatible with the SKYPE software so if you don’t remember to mute the SKYPE audio before you call in all the participants are entertained by feedback worthy of Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock.

    Of course with everyone these days working from home we are entertained not just by barking dogs but by babies run amok, teenage love quarrels, snoring, cooking recipes, singing, etc. (It’s odd how selective our laptop microphones are. They seem to be drawn to the most embarrassing and compromising audio source!) There is a way to mute the audio lines remotely but then you have to remind the participants to unmute themselves when they wish to speak.

    O tempora! O mores!


  6. We will not get the feel of it. It’s in our genetics to be highly social animals, and those genetics have been programmed for millions of years. A few months, years, or even decades will not alter that genetic programming. What we are experiencing is extremely traumatic, but that trauma won’t change our genetics. It will, however, take a terrible toll on our psychological — as well as our physical — well-being, a toll that we as individuals, and as a society, may never get over — at least, not in this life. I mourn for all those who have had to die alone and untouched by their loved ones in these last months. May God hold them to himself with his deep, intimate, and tactile love. But if our faith is true, Susan, we will all meet again in every sense of the word meet, in body, mind, and soul. “Lord I believe; help thou mine unbelief.”


  7. Robert brought to our attention the song ‘you got to walk that lonesome valley, you got to walk it by yourself’.

    I miss proximity, a friendly touch on the shoulder, an arm brushing a shoulder, a spontanious hug, the greeting of Peace at church on Sundays, a peck on the cheek by a friend met for coffee, my grandchildren running to hug the daylights out of me and the toddler clasping my hand to steady early steps.

    If and when the nursing home opens again I wil still have to observe social distancing from John and will have to be at a distance from him.

    We are sentient beings, even maternal instincts of mothers in wild show the joy of sharing their love and feelings with their babies and clan.
    This current life is so abnormal. Will we ever get the feel of this or is this how it will ever be?
    I don’t feel very much like joy today, sorry.


  8. Put a piece of tape over Facebook? That’s the best idea I’ve heard in ages. 😉


  9. Seen on Facebook
    “Corona is starting to feel like the Check Engine light. At first it freaks you out, but after a few weeks you’re like ‘Look, I gotta go to work.’”


  10. Dedicated to all those pacing the cage at home (language alert)…

    I was thinking there ought to be a shutdown reality show… and then I realized we were in one 🙂


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