Reconsider Jesus – Table of Contents

Reconsider Jesus – A fresh look at Jesus from the Gospel of Mark
A devotional commentary by Michael Spencer
Compiled and Edited by: Michael Bell

Table of Contents:

Foreword and Preface
Introduction - Why Mark?
Mark 1:1	The Beginning
Mark 1:1-3	Roots
Mark 1:4-8	The Forerunner
Mark 1:9a	From Nazareth
Mark 1:9-11	The Baptism
Mark 1:12-13	The Temptation
Mark 1:14-15	The Message of the Kingdom
Mark 1:14-15	The Response
Mark 1:16-20	The Calling
Mark 1:21-28	The Teacher
Mark 1:21-28	The Exorcist
Mark 1:29-45	The Compassionate One
Mark 1:29-45	The Healer

More to come...

Links will be updated as the material is posted.

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