From Jeff Dunn: Not a Good Update

Fog and Sun. Photo by David Cornwell at Flickr

From Jeff Dunn: Not a Good Update
Received Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Let me start with where we are right now. Kathy is in the ICU at St. John Hospital here in Tulsa. She’s in critical condition with Covid-19 pneumonia, among other things. Today she was intubated (put on a ventilator) because her breathing declined swiftly and severely. I talked with her doctor today, an infectious disease doc who is the leading expert on Covid here in Tulsa (if there can be such a thing; this disease is still pretty much a mystery). He wanted my consent (and got it) to start Kathy on plasma and on Remdesivir, the only drug authorized to fight Covid. He also started her on blood thinners to try to prevent blood clots. She is sedated.

Visitors are not allowed into ICU at this time. The last time I saw Kathy was when she was being loaded into an ambulance to go to ER at St. John. She started showing Covid symptoms two weeks ago; starting last Tuesday night, she began throwing up continually and running a fever that would not go down with Tylenol. I got her to ER last Thursday; they diagnosed pneumonia, but she didn’t meet criteria to be admitted. Sunday she was admitted.

Today, Wednesday, she is in critical condition with a machine breathing for her. I just don’t know what to say. Honestly, I’m numb and exhausted right now. I haven’t been sleeping for the last week. And I’ve been spending my time since Sunday morning texting and answering texts. I’m so very thankful for friends across the country who are praying earnestly for Kathy. I’m asking you to please do the same.

In June, we learned that Kathy’s mom, Patricia Howard, has inoperable bile duct cancer. She went from the hospital to Kathy’s sister’s house in Springboro, Ohio and is receiving hospice care there. (She probably only has a few weeks left to live as of this writing.) Kathy went there for the entire month of July to help her sister care for her mom. She got back to Tulsa on Saturday, August 1. WIthin two hours of her being here, I started showing symptoms of Covid. Since I have an underlying condition (ALS), I was at very high risk for it to go very badly. I was miserable for about nine days, but I didn’t have to go to hospital. Kathy, who has been in moderately good physical health (she does have clinically-severe depression and anxiety), is now near death. How can this even be?

I’m getting around ok. I am not concerned about me right now. Prayers for Kathy are what is needed. And any words of encouragement you might have lying around would not go to waste with me.

I’m so glad my cousin Steve is doing well after his liver transplant. And I know Cousin Molly has had an “adventurous” summer. We all have suffering we must face. Mine is no greater or lesser than yours. The great thing is this: Our God is far greater than any suffering we might face. We must trust Him at all times for all things.

That’s all I’ve got right now. I’ll try to keep you updated on further happenings …


23 thoughts on “From Jeff Dunn: Not a Good Update

  1. Jeff,

    Your load is very heavy right now. May the Lord take some of that load from your shoulders. We are praying for your wife … and for you. This is some heavy suffering.


  2. Life is difficult. Life is not fair. Fairness is perhaps a modern American concept, I don’t know, but life is something different than that. My heartfelt prayer is that you know the touch of Christ through this.


  3. Jeff, I am so sorry! All good wishes for wisdom from her doctors, healing from her medications, and positive progress from Kathy herself, in fighting her disease. Remember to take care of yourself, too, in the midst of your troubles–it’s harder to be strong for others when you have no time for yourself. Keep us updated when you can, please, and remember that you are not alone. Cyber hugs to you and yours.


  4. JEFF, I hope the many prayers being said by us imonkers helps to give you and yours strength to get through this trial. Keep us informed and know that people are praying for you all now. Try to rest a bit in that knowledge. God Bless!


  5. Dear Jeff, prayers for you and your family. The Lord is with you always and in all things, and you are in Him – including in his love which knows suffering.



  6. Oh Jeff, I am so sorry to read this. I am praying for Kathy from here in England & sending you a big hug. We are in His hands.


  7. Prayers from here. We grieve with you. We hurt with you and for you. With you we search and hope for God’s love amid the pain and uncertainty. You are not alone.


  8. I’m very sorry to hear this. Just another reminder that even though our infection rates are (slightly) down, this virus is still a menace to each and every one of us.

    May Christ our true God, in concert with His all holy mother and all His saints, both here and in Heaven, comfort and sustain you and heal Kathy and Patricia. My poor and uncertain prayers will be with you during this time.


  9. Jeff…
    Oh, my. And, “Ugh.” My heart dropped in reading this; my soul prays for you, Kathy and Patricia.

    My sister, though her test proved negative (we all know how “certain” THAT is), has had mild Covid symptoms for over a week. This is a sober reminder that it’s such a strange virus.


  10. Oh, wow. What next?

    But, “Aside from all that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”

    We’ve been praying for you, Jeff, and now Kathy and Patricia. God bless you.


  11. I prayed for your family today. I’m so sorry and I mourn with you. I pray for the best for you and your family. May Jesus walk with you during this time and may you all know the love of Jesus.


  12. I don’t know what to say, Jeff. You asked for prayers for Kathy, and so I’ll pray for Kathy. You asked for words of encouragement for yourself, and I have none except the standard bromides, but I’ll give it a shot: Love is stronger than death, God is love, Jesus is God. You have a lot of friends who love you here, Jeff, and since they love you you can know that they love Kathy and your whole family too. We will pray and hope for the best for all of you, and we will cry with you. God help Kathy and you, and all of yours.


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