Randy Thompson: “Hallowed Be Thy Name”: What Are We Saying?

“Hallowed Be Thy Name”: What Are We Saying? By Randy Thompson The Lord’s Prayer is not complicated or long. We pray it out of habit, which is good because the Lord taught us to pray this prayer. But, our familiarity with the prayer encourages us to think we understand it better than we do. OurContinue reading “Randy Thompson: “Hallowed Be Thy Name”: What Are We Saying?”

Jeff Dunn: Update re: Kathy and Prayer

Update re: Kathy and Prayer By Jeff Dunn, 8/25/20 Further Update from CM: At 10:20 am today I received this text from Jeff… WooHoo! The nurse just said Kathy is making great progress! Her oxygen requirement from a machine continues to decline, meaning she is breathing much better on her own. And that means sheContinue reading “Jeff Dunn: Update re: Kathy and Prayer”

From Jeff Dunn: Not a Good Update

From Jeff Dunn: Not a Good Update Received Wednesday, August 19, 2020 Let me start with where we are right now. Kathy is in the ICU at St. John Hospital here in Tulsa. She’s in critical condition with Covid-19 pneumonia, among other things. Today she was intubated (put on a ventilator) because her breathing declinedContinue reading “From Jeff Dunn: Not a Good Update”

Henri Nouwen: “You must keep looking for a new order”

“You must keep looking for a new order” By Henri Nouwen And yet you are Christian only so long as you look forward to a new world, only so long as you constantly pose critical questions to the society in which you live, and only so long as you emphasize the need for conversion bothContinue reading “Henri Nouwen: “You must keep looking for a new order””

Bonhoeffer on “Thy Kingdom Come”

Bonhoeffer on “Thy Kingdom Come” The following is from a 1932 retreat lecture given by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. In it, he critiques two inadequate and harmful understandings of God’s kingdom that believers hold. First, he rejects the other-worldly, pietistic view of those who long for a kingdom in another realm beyond this one. This is escapistContinue reading “Bonhoeffer on “Thy Kingdom Come””

My Strategies for Coping with Anxiety

I have been dealing with anxiety for a year now. Looking back, I had been dealing with anxious thinking long before that, but failed to recognize it. It was one of the reasons why I had to leave my previous church. You would think that these times we were in would cause a flare up,Continue reading “My Strategies for Coping with Anxiety”

A COVID-19 update: Why schools are being closed, and large events cancelled

A lot has changed in the five weeks since I first wrote about the Corona Virus. With all the uncertainty swirling, and things rapidly changing I thought I would offer an update. One that at least offers a ray of hope. Most of this post will be about explaining the graph above, which I thinkContinue reading “A COVID-19 update: Why schools are being closed, and large events cancelled”

Scott Lencke: Lament in Silence

Note from CM: Thanks to Scott for this thoughtful reminder about the importance of lament prayers — an especially relevant topic during Lent. You can read more of Scott’s writing at The Prodigal Thought. • • • Lament in Silence by Scott Lencke The church has entered the season of Lent. This is a focusedContinue reading “Scott Lencke: Lament in Silence”