4 thoughts on “Advent IV: Making a Cradle for Jesus

  1. Hello SUSAN,

    I can relate a bit to living with memories of better times . . . yesterday was my dear husband’s birthday and now that he is gone, so many memories come unbidden, but welcomed and yes the tears come, but that’s okay too. ‘We’ are still a ‘we’ even though he has passed, and I am left to remember, so we meet there in those memories for a while and even with tears, there is some comforting beginning to come.

    I know you are disappointed, but soon maybe the vaccine will help Australia and all will be made ‘normal’ again, whatever ‘normal’ is, but John is safe and cared for and you are a strong person and have and can and will endure until you may see him again. Sending big hug. May you be strengthened during this time as the holidays do bring us so many emotions, some of them a blessing, some of them a sadness. Stay safe.


  2. Hi Imonkers.
    Just a word from Australia.
    With the resurgence of the Covid 19 virus in Greater Sydney, the nursing home where my John lives has closed its doors to relatives and visitors until further notice. Even though we live many miles away there is the possibility of visitors bringing in the virus.
    So my visit to John tomorrow, Monday, and my Christmas Day visit have been cancelled.
    I did not visit John for many months during the Covid 19 crisis. I have seen him a few times as restrictions briefly lifted, but I had hoped that the doors would be open for me to be with him on Christmas Day.
    As I have said, John loved preparing the Church for the Feasts and Festivals of the Church and we shared these times together for so many years.
    So different this year.


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