Another Look: Chris

The chaplain stood in front of Chris’s casket and nodded as mourners filed by. Glancing around, he saw a flower arrangement behind him with an interesting note on it: “From your friends at Green Lake Campground.” It was striking to him that owners of a campground would send such a lush bouquet and that it would be displayedContinue reading “Another Look: Chris”

Another Look: That for which every heart yearns

This is the time of year a Midwestern boy like me looks forward to with all his heart. It is, without a doubt, the very best time of year. For this is the season when the three most wonderful words in the English language fill the air. Three simple, sublime words. They are everywhere. TheseContinue reading “Another Look: That for which every heart yearns”

Why I won’t be going to church Sunday

Last week, our pastor announced that we would be having a patriotic service on the Sunday of July 4th weekend. I won’t be there. Let me make something perfectly clear. I love my country, the United States of America. I have no trouble displaying the flag on appropriate occasions (though my wife, with her MennoniteContinue reading “Why I won’t be going to church Sunday”

Adam McHugh: And God Gave Wine

The Psalms tell us that the Lord gives wine to gladden the human heart. That is one scripture I have absolutely no problem obeying. All kinds of gladdening happen every time I open a bottle of wine. The image of clusters of ripe grapes that will be crushed, fermented, bottled, and poured into glasses makesContinue reading “Adam McHugh: And God Gave Wine”

We Are Far Too Easily Pleased

Second Sunday after Epiphany John 2:1-11 I used to not like weddings very much. They seemed like a lot of trouble, and people tended to overdo them. When we had children at home and lots of things on our plate, it seems that weddings always interrupted other plans and caused upheaval in our routine. Plus,Continue reading “We Are Far Too Easily Pleased”

Psunday Psalms: Morning and Evening

Psunday Psalms Devotional Thoughts on the Psalms * * * Each morning you listen     to my prayer, as I bring my requests to you     and wait for your reply. (Psalm 5:3, CEB) I can lie down     and sleep soundly     because you, Lord,     will keep me safe. (Psalm 4:8, CEB) * * * The first pieces in theContinue reading “Psunday Psalms: Morning and Evening”

Cheerfulness that Mocks the Devil

Martin Luther regularly gave personal and pastoral counsel to his friends to seek cheerfulness. He himself was subject to discouragement and depression, which he usually attributed to the attacks of the devil. His letters and table-talk have much to say about ways of overcoming dark moods. Luther’s advice is characteristically earthy and bold, while atContinue reading “Cheerfulness that Mocks the Devil”