Denise Spencer – IM Book Review: God Is Near

Note from CM: Clark Bunch is a regular reader and commenter here at IM. He taught with Michael Spencer at OBI, and has since returned to live and work in his hometown of Calhoun, GA. The local paper there recently featured him in a “Profiles in Faith” piece. We’re excited for Clark that he hadContinue reading “Denise Spencer – IM Book Review: God Is Near”

Denise Spencer: A Night Half Spent

As a relatively new Catholic, I am still being introduced to those “other” books that my Bible now includes. It is my custom to read the daily Mass scriptures and prayers, and on November 16, I discovered a real treasure: When peaceful stillness compassed everything and the night in its swift course was half spent,Continue reading “Denise Spencer: A Night Half Spent”

Denise Spencer: Come As A Child

One of my grandson’s favorite reading collections right now is a set of Bible story books for young children. He’s apt to ask you to read all of the stories in one book back-to-back — and then command you to start on the next volume. He knows the difference in the tales, too. If SilasContinue reading “Denise Spencer: Come As A Child”

Denise Spencer: Calling It Quits

You will, no doubt, be saddened to hear that I have, at long last, given up my lifelong dream of becoming an amateur ventriloquist. Perhaps I’d best explain. You see, one year when I was a child my parents gave my sister and me a pair of ventriloquist dummies. They were “Danny O’Day” models and cameContinue reading “Denise Spencer: Calling It Quits”

Denise Spencer: Don’t Hug Your Hatred

Recently I read a passage of scripture that I’d never heard before. It was about forgiveness and extending mercy to others. While you will probably disagree with me about my use of the word “scripture,” I think you will still find it to be very good reading. And won’t we all benefit from a fewContinue reading “Denise Spencer: Don’t Hug Your Hatred”

Denise Spencer: Innocent For Now

Becoming a grandparent is a very retro experience. I’m only getting started, but I’m already remembering things I’d forgotten about my children when they were infants. If you’ll indulge a doting “Grandmere,” I’d like to share just one of them. The other day I went to visit my five-month-old grandson, Silas, at daycare. His daycareContinue reading “Denise Spencer: Innocent For Now”

Denise Spencer: The Forever Frontier

Publisher’s note: Today marks one year since the death of Michael Spencer. Michael was the founder of the Internet Monk, but more than that, he was the husband of Denise and the father of Clay and Noel. This is a remembrance of Michael’s life and passion by Denise. We ask that you pray for DeniseContinue reading “Denise Spencer: The Forever Frontier”

Denise Spencer: Sometimes It’s Just Plain Hard

Editor’s Note: One of the things that makes the Internet Monk such a strong community is our desire to be real at all times. Sometimes that reality takes us to painful places. Denise Day Spencer, the wife of the late founder of Internet Monk, Michael Spencer, relates her experience with her husband’s death. Be forewarned:Continue reading “Denise Spencer: Sometimes It’s Just Plain Hard”

Denise Spencer: A Father’s Day remembrance

A Father’s Day Remembrance Patience With Ponies . . . And Little Girls by Denise Spencer Her name was Missy. She was fat, black, and as stubborn as ever a pony could be. “She’s not broke to ride,” the man said, one eyebrow raised in warning. But Missy followed us all over that field likeContinue reading “Denise Spencer: A Father’s Day remembrance”

Denise Spencer: Hannah Had it Wrong (But just barely)

Hannah Had it Wrong (But just barely) A mom reveals her best-kept parenting secret by Denise Day Spencer I’m spending a lot of time in my daughter’s room these days. The clicking of the computer keyboard helps fill the space once dominated by her chatting and her laughter. A visitor could glance about this roomContinue reading “Denise Spencer: Hannah Had it Wrong (But just barely)”