Denise Spencer: A Father’s Day remembrance

A Father’s Day Remembrance Patience With Ponies . . . And Little Girls by Denise Spencer Her name was Missy. She was fat, black, and as stubborn as ever a pony could be. “She’s not broke to ride,” the man said, one eyebrow raised in warning. But Missy followed us all over that field likeContinue reading “Denise Spencer: A Father’s Day remembrance”

Denise Spencer: Hannah Had it Wrong (But just barely)

Hannah Had it Wrong (But just barely) A mom reveals her best-kept parenting secret by Denise Day Spencer I’m spending a lot of time in my daughter’s room these days. The clicking of the computer keyboard helps fill the space once dominated by her chatting and her laughter. A visitor could glance about this roomContinue reading “Denise Spencer: Hannah Had it Wrong (But just barely)”

Denise Spencer: An invitation to bold love

An Invitation to Bold Love A book every lover of grace needs to read by Denise Day Spencer I’ve asked the best writer in the house–my wife–to pen a review and recommendation of a book that clarifies some of the most common misunderstandings about grace. Does grace mean embracing and accepting everything? Abuse? Cruelty? HowContinue reading “Denise Spencer: An invitation to bold love”