Excerpt from “Show Me the Path”

From Show Me Your Path: Cultivating a Life of Discernment By Michael Mercer (Chaplain Mike) • • • As we try to mark the path of wisdom and discernment, it is important to recognize that these qualities are not ends in themselves but means to a greater end. We seek to be wise and discerningContinue reading “Excerpt from “Show Me the Path””

Let’s Discuss: Discernment

Let’s Discuss: Discernment On Friday, I’ll be heading south to pray with monks at Gethsemani for the weekend. My main purpose in going, besides spiritual refreshment, is to take advantage of the silence to work on a project about Spiritual Discernment. Before I go, I thought I’d ask for my fellow iMonks’ input. Consider thisContinue reading “Let’s Discuss: Discernment”

In the Spirit, in community, with an ear well trained

Here’s another passage today from Henri Nouwen on the subject of spiritual discernment. By dipping deeply into the well of our own lives, we can discern the movement of God’s Spirit in our lives. Careful discernment remains our lifelong task. I can see no other way for discernment than a life in the Spirit, aContinue reading “In the Spirit, in community, with an ear well trained”

A spirituality “not pressed through the pores”

❧ A saint is capable of loving created things and enjoying the use of them and dealing with them in a perfectly simple, natural manner, making no formal references to God, drawing no attention to his own piety, and acting without any artificial rigidity at all. His gentleness and his sweetness are not pressed throughContinue reading “A spirituality “not pressed through the pores””

3 Problems Related to Spiritual Experiences

As I was reflecting on yesterday’s post and some of the comments, I was struck with a few thoughts regarding spiritual discernment and the broader subject of personal spiritual experience. In particular, I was thinking about how the experiential side of faith, expressed in such terms as “hearing God’s voice,” “being led by the Spirit,”Continue reading “3 Problems Related to Spiritual Experiences”

Hearing a deeper sound

I am working on a new project about spiritual discernment and one of the books I’m reading is the third book in a trilogy by Henri Nouwen, compiled and edited from original materials found in the Henri J. M. Nouwen Archives at the University of Toronto. I thought this passage from one of the introductoryContinue reading “Hearing a deeper sound”