September odds ‘n ends from IM over the years

• If you have a co-worker who is gay, what are you supposed to do? You have options, but acting as if his life is your business isn’t one of them. This is one reason Christians are hated: we are busybodies. We do act as if other persons’ moral convictions or lifestyle choices are ourContinue reading “September odds ‘n ends from IM over the years”

It’s Official: Halloween Now Sucks

Halloween sucks. There, I said it. It used to be cool; now it’s jumped the shark. Trick or treating is great. What kid doesn’t love dressing up, going door to door and getting candy! What adult doesn’t love seeing the kids in their costumes. You have to be Halloween’s version of the Grinch not toContinue reading “It’s Official: Halloween Now Sucks”

Monday Miscellany

Monday Miscellany Yesterday’s lectionary Gospel reading was Mark 10:2-16, a passage I understand a lot of pastors dread preaching. It is a “divorce” passage where Jesus speaks directly to the subject. I like what our pastor said. He stressed God’s design for couples to marry and live together in love for a lifetime. And thenContinue reading “Monday Miscellany”

Midweek Tidbits (6/13/12)

1. So, I go to Christian Post, and John Piper’s message this week is, “Did the Death of Jesus Accomplish Anything for the Non-Elect?” He begins by saying,“It’s amazing how frequently that question is coming up recently.” Really? What world are these people living in? 2. The more I think about the upcoming presidential election,Continue reading “Midweek Tidbits (6/13/12)”

From The Desk Of The Publisher

Howdy all. This is your friendly publisher—the abbot of the iMonastery, if you will—paying you a visit to catch you up on a few things here at the Internet Monk. Some of you may be relatively new visitors to our site, while others have been here for many years. All are welcome, especially those whoContinue reading “From The Desk Of The Publisher”

Tidying up before taking a break

By Chaplain Mike For about a week or so, I will be taking my leave of the iMonastery and venturing out to do a few other important things. The eminently capable, immaculately dressed, and incomparably qualified Very Right Reverend Jeff Dunn, along with the rest of the team, will be leading you into thoughtful contemplationContinue reading “Tidying up before taking a break”