Your Top Three Hymns?

We’re going to riff off of Jonathan Aigner today. Over the weekend he noted a post by Chuck McKnight over at Hippie Heretic: “Top 25 Hymns of Progressive Christians.” Then, Jonathan asked his readers, from a more diverse theological and ecclesiastical background, to share some of theirs. Here are the top ten hymns that stillContinue reading “Your Top Three Hymns?”

The Saturday Monks Brunch: March 10, 2018

OPEN MIC EDITION Your intrepid chaplain is away at a conference today and can’t break bread with you at Brunch. Sorry about that, I’m going to miss it. But there’s no reason you iMonks shouldn’t get together and share your thoughts about what’s going on in your lives and in the world this week. InternetContinue reading “The Saturday Monks Brunch: March 10, 2018”

A Halloween Open Mic

A Halloween Open Mic Some years ago, Michael Spencer posed an Open Mic question to the iMonk community: “Where in the Bible does it say Satan wants to take “souls” to hell?” Today, in addition to that query, I’m pulling a few other questions out of Michael’s famous Halloween posts so that we can discussContinue reading “A Halloween Open Mic”

The IM Saturday Brunch: September 30, 2017

This weekend I am cloistering myself away at Gethsemani Abbey for silence, prayer, photography (another form of prayer), and writing. That means the table is yours this Saturday morning. Welcome to our Open Table edition of the brunch! Think of it as a pot-luck, or as they say in Indiana, a pitch-in. That means you bringContinue reading “The IM Saturday Brunch: September 30, 2017”

Open Forum: U.S. Health Care

Note from CM: We are going to close comments. I want to thank everyone who contributed today to a good discussion. Thanks for keeping things civil. Each of you have given the rest of us something to think about. We aren’t going to solve anything today, but discussions like this are essential. I encourage and challengeContinue reading “Open Forum: U.S. Health Care”

Open Mic Nov. 2016: The Day After Edition

Open Mic Nov. 2016: The Day After Edition I figured that, because of the election yesterday, readers would be distracted and not pay much attention to most anything I might put up today. So, let’s have our November Open Mic. By the time you read these words, it will probably be clear who the nextContinue reading “Open Mic Nov. 2016: The Day After Edition”

Open Mic: May 2016 (New folks, come join us!)

Open Mic, with a special invitation to new commenters. It has been awhile since we’ve done an Open Mic. It has also been some time since we’ve extended a specific invitation to those who are new to Internet Monk, or who read but rarely comment. An Open Forum is an opportunity for you to choose a topicContinue reading “Open Mic: May 2016 (New folks, come join us!)”