Please, just say it

There is no case that can be made biblically for a woman preacher. Period. Paragraph. End of discussion. • John MacArthur • • • Last week, John MacArthur celebrated 50 years in the pastorate at a conference at his congregation Grace Community Church. During the event, MacArthur accused the Southern Baptist Convention of taking aContinue reading “Please, just say it”

It’s 2019 – and I still shake my head at how the church still treats women

It’s 2019 – and I shake my head at how the church still treats women. It’s been… Ninety-nine years since [most] American women got the vote. Ninety-four years since Nellie Ross was elected Governor of Wyoming. Fifty-three years since Indira Gandhi became Prime Minister of India. Fifty years since Golda Meir became Prime Minister ofContinue reading “It’s 2019 – and I still shake my head at how the church still treats women”

It’s No Longer Just Fringe Theology

It’s No Longer Just Fringe Theology When I was in seminary back in the mid- to late-1980s, I remember taking a class with Don Carson on some of the Pauline letters. He remarked that students at that time had a completely different set of interests than they did just a decade before. I had beenContinue reading “It’s No Longer Just Fringe Theology”

A Halloween Open Mic

A Halloween Open Mic Some years ago, Michael Spencer posed an Open Mic question to the iMonk community: “Where in the Bible does it say Satan wants to take “souls” to hell?” Today, in addition to that query, I’m pulling a few other questions out of Michael’s famous Halloween posts so that we can discussContinue reading “A Halloween Open Mic”

Best of Michael Spencer: Wretched Urgency

Note from CM: Today, we present Michael’s classic critique of revivalistic fundamentalism that introduced a key term into the post-evangelical lexicon. • • • Wretched Urgency: The Grace of God, or Hamsters on a Wheel? My friend and prayer partner just looked across the lunch table and said I didn’t look good. In fact, he saidContinue reading “Best of Michael Spencer: Wretched Urgency”

Fundamentalist Toxicity

Fundamentalism is a problem, no matter what kind it is. Aurora Dagny (a pseudonym) has written an article for The McGill Daily called, “Everything is problematic,” in which she tells her story about her involvement in radical leftist political groups and how she eventually escaped their unhealthy influence. “There is something dark and vaguely cultish aboutContinue reading “Fundamentalist Toxicity”

When Asking a Question Is Itself a Problem

Here is an exceedingly wise word from Samantha Field, in an interview she gave at the her.meneutics blog called, “Finding Faith after Spiritual Indoctrination.” I recommend the entire article. However, this part is essential reading, and I pull it out for our consideration and discussion today. * * * Spiritual abuse is so much moreContinue reading “When Asking a Question Is Itself a Problem”

Peter Enns on Reasons to Not Give Up on Fundamentalists

Yesterday, Pete Enns ran a great post about why he (and blogs like IM) should remain engaged in loving conversation with those in more fundamentalist traditions of the faith who disagree with us. Here are the nine reasons he listed: 1. Fundamentalists are human beings and therefore are of infinite worth. 2. Fundamentalists are my brothers andContinue reading “Peter Enns on Reasons to Not Give Up on Fundamentalists”

Follow-up Post: “Quivering Daughters”

By Chaplain Mike Consider this a follow-up to last week’s discussion on Bill Gothard and the related topics that were brought up in the comment thread, such as patriarchy, homeschooling, courtship, separatism, rules-based spirituality, and so on. It seems the post uncovered a lot of hurt, confusion, and questions. In our comments we heard fromContinue reading “Follow-up Post: “Quivering Daughters””

My Last Post . . . Ever!

By Chaplain Mike After 6pm tomorrow night, I will either be “caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air” (1Thess 4:17), or so busy dealing with the aftermath of The Global Earthquake that will shake the world, that I will not have time for blogging. And since I have decided notContinue reading “My Last Post . . . Ever!”