Honor to Whom Honor Is Due: Dr. Timothy George

Dr. Timothy George gave a presentation at Union University last week called “Is Jesus A Baptist?” (It was renamed. Ignore the title.) The entire talk is a compelling and outstanding exploration of what Baptists are facing in the post-denominational age. The first part, which is autobiographical, is deeply touching and relevant to anyone who caresContinue reading “Honor to Whom Honor Is Due: Dr. Timothy George”

Thoughts For a Young Poet

That’s not Clay. Sorry. I have a son who is showing signs of being a poet. He may be a teacher or a writer, but as of today, his most evident gifts are poetic. Everyone who has read or heard his work has been impressed. I’m not exactly unbiased, but I’ve found some of hisContinue reading “Thoughts For a Young Poet”

“Do You Know About This?”

A story about why I am spending my life to preach the Gospel and laboring to help others do the same. One of the things I’m known for around our school is my insistence that the preachers who share the chapel pulpit with me preach the Gospel. If you’re an IM reader, you’ve probably readContinue reading ““Do You Know About This?””

Alastair “Adversaria” Roberts: The IM Interview

1. Let’s start with the essential bio: Who are you, where are you, how’d you get there and what are you doing with yourself? Most people who know me will know me from my blog, Alastair.Adversaria, which I created shortly after I started studying in the University of St. Andrews, in October 2005. Before IContinue reading “Alastair “Adversaria” Roberts: The IM Interview”

Riffs: 1:08:07: Mark Galli: Liturgy Beyond the Rat Race of “Relevance”

Thanks, Mark Galli. If these two paragraphs summarizing the thoughts on liturgy in your current book project are any indication, I may buy twenty. Why do post-evangelicals like myself find such a comfort and a shelter in liturgy? Because liturgy refuses to be part of the various rat races that evangelicals conduct under the guiseContinue reading “Riffs: 1:08:07: Mark Galli: Liturgy Beyond the Rat Race of “Relevance””

What is a “Post Evangelical?” (Part 2)

What I mean by the name “post-evangelical” keeps coming up in discussions. Though I have addressed the meaning of the term in a previous post, I’d like to make some further contributions to the discussion. I want to note, first of all, that the “Truly Reformed” blogosphere is now using the term without any explanationContinue reading “What is a “Post Evangelical?” (Part 2)”

What Do I Mean by Post-Evangelical?

My son Clay asked me the other day, “What do you mean by post-evangelical?” That deserves a good answer. Let’s start with this: By evangelical, I do not mean, as some on the Internet have labored to prove, a line of Christianity extending from the Reformation through Calvinism to a handful of modern day independentContinue reading “What Do I Mean by Post-Evangelical?”

My Problem With Prayer

Ok. I have this problem with prayer. I’m not sure it’s a problem with prayer as much as it’s a problem with prayer as it’s practiced in the revivalistic tradition that dominates much of my side of evangelicalism. How can I describe that tradition? It’s a tradition of lengthy, eloquent prayers. Prayers using long-held recognizableContinue reading “My Problem With Prayer”

How God Ruined Church For Me: A Post-Evangelical Apologia

Sunday, we had one of those moments of feeling so spiritually homeless that it was a tearful, sad morning. Here’s the fruit of that sadness. As with so much of my writing, I write in the knowledge that I’m not alone. It started innocently enough. His name was Tim, and he was a Christian atContinue reading “How God Ruined Church For Me: A Post-Evangelical Apologia”