Tuesday with Michael Spencer: No Regrets

Tuesday with Michael Spencer No Regrets (from 2009, edited) Young folks in ministry. Adults living in regret. This is for you…. There was a time, in the last decade, that I constantly and painfully struggled with regrets about various choices I’d made in my life. I regretted not finishing doctoral studies. (I made it 37Continue reading “Tuesday with Michael Spencer: No Regrets”

Saturday with Michael Spencer: The Things that Won’t Go Away

Saturday with Michael Spencer The Things that Won’t Go Away They’re back. My sins, that is. Just in case you need to know, my name is Michael Spencer. I’m a Christian minister who has given 33+ years of my life to telling people… My sins, O the bliss of this glorious thought My sins notContinue reading “Saturday with Michael Spencer: The Things that Won’t Go Away”

Monday with Michael Spencer: A Chronicle of the Journey (2008)

Monday with Michael Spencer A Chronicle of the Journey (2008) In April of 06, I felt God instructing me to resign from the church I was serving. It was the church our family called home for a decade. I’d served them for 12 years. I had no idea that it was the end of almostContinue reading “Monday with Michael Spencer: A Chronicle of the Journey (2008)”

Threescore and ? — Beginning the last lap

The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away. • Psalm 90:10, KJV • • • Well, I’ve gone and done it. Used up my threescore. TodayContinue reading “Threescore and ? — Beginning the last lap”

What about THIS “cutting edge”?

What are churches in the U.S. doing to advance this “cutting edge” ministry? Census data tells the story. From 2000 to 2010, those people age 45 to 64 (the boomers) increased 31.5%. The next highest increase was those 65+, who increased over the same period by 15.1% (source: US Census at http://www.census.gov/2010census/) It is projected thatContinue reading “What about THIS “cutting edge”?”

Facing Aging

The way of the righteous is like morning light that gets brighter and brighter till it is full day. – Proverbs 4:18 (CEB) Remember your creator in your prime,     before the days of trouble arrive,     and those years, about which you’ll say, “I take no pleasure in these”—     before the sun and theContinue reading “Facing Aging”

What I Wish I Knew My First 50 Years

Turning 51 is really nothing special. Last year was a milestone–5-0. Last year was a party in the backyard, friends coming from all over to celebrate, gifts and cakes and all-day fun. This year is cutting grass, cleaning the garage and working on iMonk site stuff that is overdue. Hey, it has to be doneContinue reading “What I Wish I Knew My First 50 Years”

Courage The Cowardly Christian

“Hello, my name is Jeff, and I am a spiritual coward.” (Chorus) “Hi, Jeff.” This is me, a spiritual coward. It is not easy for me to admit this, and many who know me might question the accuracy or sincerity of this tag. But it’s most certainly true. Those who know me may say, “ButContinue reading “Courage The Cowardly Christian”

Becoming A Dangerous Christian

Editor’s note: Lisa Dye is a regular contributor to the Internet Monk community. We recently ran another post about the Dangerous God you might want to read in conjunction with this word from Lisa. Recently, two close friends and I hired a life coach to join us at a lake cabin for a weekend retreat.Continue reading “Becoming A Dangerous Christian”