Klasie Kraalogies: On Racism, Apartheid and the Demons Within (Part 1)

On Racism, Apartheid and the Demons Within (Part 1) By Klasie Kraalogies (Before I start, let me state this: I am addressing racism as the issue I, and most people of European origin are familiar with, and rightly accused of. I am not speaking of other racisms. Those certainly exist, and are nefarious, but itContinue reading “Klasie Kraalogies: On Racism, Apartheid and the Demons Within (Part 1)”

Privilege, silence, shalom, and a generational moment

Our Declaration of Independence declares that all people are created equal. It proceeds to clarify what “equality” means: we are all endowed with certain natural rights by our Creator. But, though we may all have those rights, not all people start life or live it on an equal footing with others. And thus we speakContinue reading “Privilege, silence, shalom, and a generational moment”

Excerpt from “The Sins of a Nation” (Fr. Stephen Freeman)

An excerpt from “The Sins of a Nation” By Father Stephen Freeman, Glory to God for All Things Nations (and individuals) who ignore their wounds and griefs do not leave them behind – they bring them forward and repeat their battles endlessly. Subsequent generations who never knew the first cause, become the unwitting bearers ofContinue reading “Excerpt from “The Sins of a Nation” (Fr. Stephen Freeman)”

Using God — A Prophetic Critique

Note from Chaplain Mike I have decided to post without taking comments today. I am interested in making a statement, not having a conversation (or argument) about it in this week’s volatile atmosphere. (Besides, I think many of you chimed in about this yesterday.) Also, although politics is the context of this post, politics isContinue reading “Using God — A Prophetic Critique”

Not as bad as 1968…yet

Not as bad as 1968…yet In the past days, 1968 has emerged as a meme, a way to understand what we’re living through right now. • Zachary Karabell [In 1968] the report of the Kerner Commission, appointed by President Lyndon B. Johnson to examine the causes of race riots in American cities in previous years,Continue reading “Not as bad as 1968…yet”

On Conspiracy Theories as Gnosticism

Conspiracy theories are a lot like Gnosticism. They claim that only an enlightened few know what is actually going on in the world and what almost everyone else knows is a lie; that the knowledge available to the average person on the street is unreliable The true believer who spreads these conspiracies is like theContinue reading “On Conspiracy Theories as Gnosticism”

Your Idealistic Faux Rage Is Unbecoming

Your Idealistic Faux Rage Is Unbecoming There is a “we’re all in this together” rah rah spirit in this time of pandemic that can at times be an encouraging reminder and at other times a grating cliché. As some of our commenters have said in recent days, we may all be in this pandemic together,Continue reading “Your Idealistic Faux Rage Is Unbecoming”

A Lenten Brunch Response to Pharisaic Idiocy: March 28, 2020

Lenten Brunch Lite 5: March 28, 2020 This Lenten season has been somewhat overwhelmed by all the attention paid to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it has given us all an opportunity to ponder some fundamental aspects of what we believe and how we view the world (certainly consistent with Lent’s purpose). This morning I wantContinue reading “A Lenten Brunch Response to Pharisaic Idiocy: March 28, 2020”

An Internet Monk PSA: Wash your hands!!!

An Internet Monk Public Service Announcement: Wash your hands!!! For years, Britain operated a research facility called the Common Cold Unit, but it closed in 1989 without ever finding a cure. It did, however, conduct some interesting experiments. In one, a volunteer was fitted with a device that leaked a thin fluid at his nostrilsContinue reading “An Internet Monk PSA: Wash your hands!!!”