Mike Bell – Random Stream of Consciousness Edition

My mind has been all over the place this week. Rather than focus on any one thing that I have been thinking about, I thought I would briefly recount a number of ideas that have been percolating in my brain. Feel free to pick on whichever ones catch your fancy. 1. Hey, a new pictureContinue reading “Mike Bell – Random Stream of Consciousness Edition”

Escaping the Wilderness: Part 1 – The canoe trip

It is good to be back writing an Internet Monk again after a much needed two week writing break. I wrote back in July that I was hoping to do one more canoe trip this year. Well, a few weeks ago I finally got the broken thwarts on my canoe repaired and took to theContinue reading “Escaping the Wilderness: Part 1 – The canoe trip”

Mike Bell: Canadian Office reopens with a Waterfall Tour!

Over the years interacting on Internet Monk, Klasie Kraalogies and I have become quite good friends. We both have lived in Southern Africa and Saskatchewan, love rocks, and like to hang out at Internet Monk. Klasie still lives in Southern Saskatchewan. Google “Southern Saskatchewan Waterfall”. Yes, there are no results! When I heard that weContinue reading “Mike Bell: Canadian Office reopens with a Waterfall Tour!”

Steve Scott: Thinking Outside the Blog

Thinking Outside the Blog: Connecting With Others in the Wilderness By Steve Scott I have an idea. We know that Michael Spencer wrote much about the problems within evangelicalism. So much so that the subtitle of the Internet Monk blog has long been, “Dispatches from the Post-Evangelical Wilderness.” Wilderness, you say? Yes. That place ofContinue reading “Steve Scott: Thinking Outside the Blog”