Damaris Zehner: The Signpost

Note from CM: On this final week of IM, we will be hearing from some good folks who have made contributions of excellence to this blog. We start today with one of my dear friends, Damaris, one of the most gifted and eloquent people I know. Thanks for sharing your wonderful writing with us overContinue reading “Damaris Zehner: The Signpost”

Daughters of the Church Today?

Have you read this book? It was a pretty significant piece of scholarship when it was released in 1987. And, as it covers nearly 2000 years of church history, I would call it a pretty significant book still today. From the Amazon summary: Rich in historical events and colorfully written, this fascinating account of womenContinue reading “Daughters of the Church Today?”

Greatest Songs of My Lifetime: Ecclesiastes in Song

Greatest Songs of My Lifetime: Ecclesiastes in Song Some of the best songs in my lifetime contain lyrics that seem impossibly wise before their time. I think of Jackson Browne writing “These Days” at age 16. How can such profound thoughts about loss and regret emanate from the pen of a teenager? It was onlyContinue reading “Greatest Songs of My Lifetime: Ecclesiastes in Song”

Bits of Wisdom from Jean Vanier

Bits of Wisdom from Jean Vanier The spirituality of L’Arche implies that we act like rabbits and not like giraffes. Giraffes see from afar where they should go. Rabbits sniff their way. We are sniffing our way along, and we will go in the right direction if we keep eating with the poor, living withContinue reading “Bits of Wisdom from Jean Vanier”

Wisdom for Ordinary Time: Eugene Peterson on Abraham, the “Friend of God”

During Ordinary Time this year, I am reading and meditating on Eugene Peterson’s book, As Kingfishers Catch Fire: A Conversation on the Ways of God Formed by the Words of God. It captures sermons from Peterson’s twenty-nine years as a pastor in Bel Air, Maryland. Occasionally during this season I am posting some reflections on theContinue reading “Wisdom for Ordinary Time: Eugene Peterson on Abraham, the “Friend of God””

Another Look: Wisdom and the Fog

Note from CM: I have an extraordinarily busy week since I’m covering for our other chaplain’s caseload as well as my own. So, on Mon-Wed I’m re-posting some of my favorite stories and reflections from my work as a hospice chaplain. If I don’t get to clear comments that get held right away, please beContinue reading “Another Look: Wisdom and the Fog”

Randy Thompson: The Spirituality of Taking a Vacation

Note from CM: Randy and Jill Thompson know that people need to take breaks from the pressures of their normal lives, get a change of scenery, and find refreshment from time to time. That’s why they started Forest Haven, a Christian organization whose purpose is to provide a rural, quiet place of healing hospitality and spiritual refreshment for ChristianContinue reading “Randy Thompson: The Spirituality of Taking a Vacation”

Wisdom and the Insufficiency of “God-Talk”

There is something about the biblical God which enables a “secular” account of human life to be given. • Colin E. Gunton Quoted in Fretheim, God and World in the OT • • • I absolutely love the quote above. When describing the wisdom literature of the Hebrew Bible, von Rad made a similar statementContinue reading “Wisdom and the Insufficiency of “God-Talk””