Prayers Requested

Sometimes what you plan to write during the week gets waylaid. This week I was planning a post on empathy, and my lack thereof. Rather ironically I am posting asking for empathy from others.

My Dad Jim is a pretty tough cookie. I was well into middle age before I thought I was as physically as strong as him.

Thirteen years ago he got Colon cancer. Then he got it again. And then again. Eight surgeries for the cancers and other abdominal issues, along with damage from a parasite in his African youth, and his insides are a mess. So much so that his surgeon said he couldn’t be operated on again as he likely wouldn’t survive another operation. Quite frankly I think his physical strength (and God’s grace) was what has gotten him to this point.

A number of months ago he started feeling abdominal pain again. An initial diagnosis of gallstones was handled by diet. Then the gallstones came back, along with an infected gall bladder, pancreatitis, and an infected liver. All of a sudden, surgery became the least risky choice. And so he was scheduled for his ninth on Friday.

The surgery was delayed because of secondary infections, then it got delayed again because his levels (not sure what everything was) were low and the medicine he needed had to be brought in from another hospital. As I am writing this after 10 p.m. on Sunday night he is in the middle of surgery. With COVID-19 we can’t be at the hospital. We only found out know that surgery had started three and a half hours ago. I am staying close by with my Mum at their home as a support for her.

By the time you read this, we may know the results. Regardless, I ask you to pray. Pray for my Dad and everything related to the surgery. Pray for Mum Ruth, regardless of the surgery’s outcome. Pray for a lack of post surgical complications should the surgery go well. Mum and Dad have been married for 58 years now. She “covets” your prayers. And he says that he appreciates how many people are praying for him.

If God knows when we pray, cannot he also know that we would have prayed had we known in advance of something happening? (This is a rhetorical question, not intended to be answered.)

So please pray… I will update the post when I know more.

Update: Sunday 11:15 p.m. We heard from the surgeon. He said that he was surprised by the amount of adhesions and scar tissue (what every surgeon says), and it took two hours to get to the infected tissue, but that generally the surgery was successful, and he is being transferred to the ICU. Please continue to pray for his recovery.

Further update: Monday 10:00 a.m. ICU nurse says he is doing much better than expected. He might even be able to leave ICU today! Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to pray for his recovery.


16 thoughts on “Prayers Requested

  1. It struck me when looking at that photo that we tell young children not to judge by appearances. And it is true that clothing don’t necessarily tell a faithful story.

    But, with age (of the beholder and the beholden), it seems to me that you can read many things from someone’s face. And your Dad looks like a good guy, someone I can tell I would like immensely.

    May God grant you and your family some more time to appreciate him for what he’s worth.


  2. Reminding myself;

    “Jesus loves the little children; all the children of the world. Red, Brown, Yellow, Black and White, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.


  3. Just read this now and my heart leapt a little. Like finding out after the fact that your team won. So glad for the progress in the immediate. God bless your mom. Keeping you all in my prayers.


  4. Glad to hear the ICU report that he is doing better. I will continue to pray for him and for you and for your mother.


  5. Mike, thanks for keeping us updated about your dad and family. We certainly are praying, and trust that you will find God’s presence and help in the midst of all that’s going on.


  6. Prayers for your father – he sounds like a pretty tough cookie with a huge will to live. Prayers for you as well from Pittsburgh.


  7. Will pray vigil tonight for you, and your mother and father. Candle is already lit.
    Stay strong. I know what it is like to be told you can’t be ‘with’, when it seems the most important time ever to be with a loved one, but God comes near and we try to rest in His peace. So sorry you can’t got to hospital. I know it hurts not to be there.


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