The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: December 12, 2020

• • • The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: December 12, 2020 Welcome. We’re smack in the middle of the holiday season (sorry for you Advent lovers, I’m also a realist), so we’ll have plenty of cheer and tinsel today as we enjoy our Saturday Brunch together. Thanks for joining us. Pass me a cinnamon roll,Continue reading “The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: December 12, 2020”

My long slow journey away from Evangelicalism

A little over 10 years ago I started writing for Internet Monk. If you had asked me at that point if I was an Evangelical I would have answered with an enthusiastic “Yes!” Well, actually it would have been a qualified yes, because one of the tenets of the Evangelical movement was “Inerrancy”. I reallyContinue reading “My long slow journey away from Evangelicalism”

The persistence of creationism shows losing could make Trumpism more extreme

Here is an opinion article in the Washington Post  that harks back to the Scopes Trial of 1925.  The piece argues that even though William Jennings Bryan lost the trial in the court of public opinion and was humiliated in the popular press and in the eyes of the elites, his supporters were undeterred andContinue reading “The persistence of creationism shows losing could make Trumpism more extreme”

The Story Behind “O Holy Night”

If you ask ten adults to name some of the favorite things about the Christmas season, most all of them will list the music of Christmas in their top five. Those who don’t are deficient in understanding and soul, and should be exiled from civilized society.  Now, to be clear, when I talk about the music ofContinue reading “The Story Behind “O Holy Night””

Scott Lencke: Advent – Flipping the Script

Advent: Flipping the Script By Scott Lencke Welcome to the new year. Not the calendar new year, but the church’s new year that begins with the season of Advent. This is our rhythm in which we both remember the coming of God’s Messiah so long ago, but also we longingly hope for the coming ofContinue reading “Scott Lencke: Advent – Flipping the Script”

Saturday Brunch, December 5 2020

Hello, friends, and welcome to the weekend. How about some brunch? I told my wife I wanted a book for Christmas. Just a book. Nothing else. And, no, not some first rare first-edition Tolstoy or something; just an art book that is coming out this month. So she was happy to agree. But I mightContinue reading “Saturday Brunch, December 5 2020”